I am a marketing-focused web engineer working for a unified-communications provider, Switch Communications. I help support the marketing web engineering needs including developing and maintaining the marketing websites, creating cross-client compliant email campaigns and integrating analytic touch-points and split-testing campaigns to drive data-based user experience decisions.

In my free time, I also enjoy my fair-share of coding and even some dev-ops related challenges. The industry is always changing so I find it not only fun but necessary to develop new skills and solidify old ones by taking on various side projects and writing for this blog.

I write this blog to keep an open reference for things I tend to do and use while developing websites and web applications. I also find that writing on a topic forces me to ask "what then" more than I would using a technology in the wild, which affords me the chance to understand the tech more wholly (How To: Set Up MongoDB on OSX with Homebrew and launchd is a good example of this).