When to Convert an SVG to PNG

A comprehensive guide to optimizing PNG image assets for use on the web. This will cover use-cases, compression tools and techniques, and responsive considerations.

A11y: Images should always bring an alt attribute along

An image's alt attribute is the ideal way to clear the clutter for those who can't see images on your site and should be included in every image tag regardless of whether there's any alternative copy provided for that image.

HHVM/nginx Vagrant Bootstrap and Provisioning Script

A bootstrap script to configure a virtual machine to use HHVM/nginx, proxied locally with Vagrant that can also be modified to provision a non-vagrant Ubuntu instance.

How To: Set Up MongoDB on OSX with Homebrew and launchd

Install and manage a MongoDB data store on OSX using Homebrew and launchd.

OSX Package Management with Homebrew

Homebrew (http://brew.sh/) is the 'missing package manager for OSX', it brings all the package management niceties to your Mac.

Node: Not Found? But I Just Installed It!

NodeJS doesn't work with 'node' but does with 'nodejs', run `sudo ln -s "$(which nodejs)" /usr/bin/node`

A Better Approach to Content Localization Detection

Use Accept-Language request headers to localize content. Not only are you more likely to serve the correct content, but it's faster and easier to test. Win-win-win!

How To: Set Up and Configure HHVM on Ubuntu 14.04

Install and configure HHVM on an Ubuntu 14.04 Server set up using an Apache Virtual Hosts configuration; run traditional and HHVM-based PHP-powered web applications side-by-side on the same system.

How To: Always Keep Your Copyright Statement Up To Date

A quick way to make sure your copyright statement is current is to pull the information from the server's clock.

How To: Force On/Off "www." Subdomain with .htaccess

People add and remove "www." from URLs like they're optional, so you need to handle both cases. Whatever varition's chosen should send you to the same content as the other but this can lead to content duplication issues. With a few easy edits to your Apache-based site's .htaccess file, you can handle all user and crawler cases ideally.

How To: iOS and CSS Hover Events

Mobile devices have a tough time handling css-based hover events (*:hover) due to the simple fact that iPhones, iPads, and Android devices use touch-based inputs where hovering is pretty much impossible. Let's take a look!

Understanding Keyword Density

Keyword density is simple enough to understand, the more targeted keywords your page contains, the more likely that term will be associated with that page as a keyword.